Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great women from art, literature & myth

Spain by Surrealist painter Salvador Dali - a painting making use of double imagery in the form of a female figure, reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, to symbolise the Spanish Civil War. The female form is made up of groups of men, women & horses in the mist of battle, she is seen to be leaning on a chest of drawers symbolising the opening of the subconscious - the unveiling of the hidden. Dali himself viewed the War as a "phenomenon of natural history," he saw it as being something that was essential to reveal the core of Spain's heritage. And the scarf or banner that sits half in half out of the drawer, with its meaty texture & colour, could be equally interpreted as a "pound of flesh".

"that this earth of Spain held hidden in the depths of it's entrails."

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