Monday, March 15, 2010


Come away with me,
come to the other side...
leave this world behind
with all its misery and pain with me.

The world went grey after
that day
and a part of me did die.

But the sunshine still I seek
and the hope it brings I still dream.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Words (made famous by Sex and The City The Movie)

Here these beautiful words are in all their glory...
I wonder if they were ever sent, considering they were
found in Beethoven's belongings after his death?

Good morning, on July 7th

Even when I am in bed my thoughts rush to you, my eternally beloved, now and then joyfully, then again sadly, waiting to know whether Fate will hear our prayer--To face life I must live altogether with you or never see you. Yes, I am resolved to be a wanderer abroad until I can fly to your arms and say that I have found my true home with you and enfolded in your arms can let my soul be wafted to the realm on blessed spirits--alas, unfortunately it must be so--You will become composed, the more so as you know that I am faithful to you; no other woman can ever possess my heart--never--never--Oh God, why must one be separated from her who is so dear. Yet my life in V[ienna] at present is a miserable life--Your love has made me both the happiest and the unhappiest of mortals--At my age I now need stability and regularity in my life--can this coexist with our relationship?--Angel, I have just heard that the post goes every day--and therefore I must close, so that you may receive the letter immediately--Be calm; for only by calmly considering our lives can we achieve our purpose to live together--Be calm--love me--Today--yesterday--what tearful longing for you--for you--you--my life--my all--all good wishes to you--Oh, do continue to love me--never misjudge your lover's most faithful heart.

ever yours
ever mine
ever ours

"Act as you speak, speak as you feel; do not play false to your own conscience; do not cover your thoughts in a cloak of falsehood; do not suppress your conscience by forcibly enslaving it and embarking on actions not approved by it."

Sai Baba

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me

Do you ever feel like one of a kind?

Just got home from a pre-screening of REMEMBER ME at the Regent...beautiful movie, so incredibly stirring and terribly sad. I was left paralysed with emotion at the end, tears streaming down my face. I was hoping the lights wouldn't go on so quickly...that I would be given a little more time to collect myself but alas on they flicked! As all the chatty people streamed past me heading for the exit, I looked away hoping noone would notice me crying in the soft lighting. I thought, 'what is wrong with these people - why can they just jump up so quickly and be so verbal??'. I guess I identified strongly with this one and perhaps all the chatter was a good sign...that it got people thinking??

I adored Robert Pattinson's otherworldly presence, sensitivity and 'James Dean-ness' - there is this scene where he's in the bathtub with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth - strongly reminiscent of the late actor.

Loved the honesty in this film - it probably won't make it into my favourite top ten movies ever but I will remember, Remember Me.