Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me

Do you ever feel like one of a kind?

Just got home from a pre-screening of REMEMBER ME at the Regent...beautiful movie, so incredibly stirring and terribly sad. I was left paralysed with emotion at the end, tears streaming down my face. I was hoping the lights wouldn't go on so quickly...that I would be given a little more time to collect myself but alas on they flicked! As all the chatty people streamed past me heading for the exit, I looked away hoping noone would notice me crying in the soft lighting. I thought, 'what is wrong with these people - why can they just jump up so quickly and be so verbal??'. I guess I identified strongly with this one and perhaps all the chatter was a good sign...that it got people thinking??

I adored Robert Pattinson's otherworldly presence, sensitivity and 'James Dean-ness' - there is this scene where he's in the bathtub with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth - strongly reminiscent of the late actor.

Loved the honesty in this film - it probably won't make it into my favourite top ten movies ever but I will remember, Remember Me.

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