Friday, December 5, 2008

Inspirational women - Nigella Lawson 1960 -

I absolutely adore Nigella Lawson, not only did she teach me how to cook but she has helped me embrace being a "curvaceous" woman. I love how she formats her cooking books - it's as though she is right there in the kitchen with you, I love how unabashedly excited she gets over food. Nigella makes me want to be a "domestic goddess", she makes me want to be a better wife, step-mother and aunt. I like her recipes even better for the fact that she is not a chef, but that her formal education is in medieval & modern languages. I love that she went to Oxford University - that she uses elaborate adjectives to describe her cooking, making her recipies into delightful tales for the reader to enjoy.

Nigella is also an avid supporter of the Lavender Trust which gives support to young women with breast cancer, she lost her own sister to breast cancer in 1993.

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