Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things My Mother Taught Me

To take care of my belongings;
to not be wasteful.

As a little girl I remember bathing my dolls
and grooming them carefully,
I would dust down my ornaments
and wipe them gently clean.

I have been able to pass on
a few of my old toys to my daughter
(she finds much pleasure in them,
they are like a museum of my
childhood to her- little connections
to her Mother's world)
and I have kept a few for myself.

My Mother was also
able to pass down to me
the only doll she ever owned.
As a child I felt sad that my Mother
only ever owned one doll; for I
lived in a world of plenty and
could not imagine how I would
feel owning only one doll.
I named the doll after my Mother,
Desley Josephine.

Desley Josephine was an example
to me of my Mother's success
in taking good care of her belongings -
this made me want to look after my many dolls.
I still own this precious old doll,
which My Aunt Norma Jean
bought for Mother in the 1950's.


Suzanne Rowley said...

As a child I was terrified of Dolls like this, but she's lovely.

Janmaree said...

I remember - the one eye incident

Thought this might put a happy twist on things. I should pull out the real Desley Josephine and take a picture of her - she is sweeter looking.

Suzanne Rowley said...

You have an aunt named Norma Jean? How interesting

Janmaree said...

Yes she is called Norma Jean and she was born just before Marilyn Monroe.

My Aunt blessed with stunning looks was a model and looked like the merging of Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day!

My Aunt has photographs of Marilyn Monroe all through her home.

Norma Jean is a wonderfully interesting woman, kind and spiritual - you would like her very much, she is my Mother's older sister (16 years between them from memory).