Friday, April 17, 2009

Tending the Garden

photograph by Yvette Inufio

I will tend to this garden, I made a promise to you. Sorry it has been so long since I visited. Will you not bloom in the spring because I was not here? I think not. But perhaps there will not be the same strength in your boughs and the abundance of blossoms as there was, perhaps the weeds will have grown up a little too much across the passage and the vines stretched so far that the sun cannot reach you as it did, perhaps you will look a little wild and because of this have turned your face away from me?

I am here now and I will do what I can to make up for lost time. First, let me clear the passage so that I can reach you, let me gently pull down the vines that are blocking the sun to your gates, let me find that little garden chair of mine and let me sit with you, ponder your beauty and find your face again.

Oh dear garden, I hope I have not left you alone too long, please send your flowers - please let me know you will be alright. I have a feeling you will be, nature has a funny way of working things out.


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